In the West, we have the chance to have a lot of liberties.

Throughout my 18 years of passionate teachings, I have taught that ‘the inside creates the outside ‘ and that ‘ freedom is first and foremost internal ‘.

During this transition time, a great number of us want to co-create some new form of freedom:

Unconditional Freedom – respecting others, always.

Here are some questions to deepen within you, about this:

What are the areas of your life and activity where you do not feel free inside?

How do you prevent yourself from:

  • Expressing yourself fully in these areas?
  • To honor your needs and desires?
  • To take action in an inspired way?
  • To be who you want to be?

What would it look like for you to ‘ free’ yourself in these areas? What is needed on your part to do this?

What would it look like for you to allow yourself to feel all the emotions, even the most unpleasant ones, while pivoting?

  • Do you give yourself permission to say no to what does not respect your values?
    Do you give yourself permission to say yes?
    What could you possibly experience if you did?
  • In what ways do you imprison yourself in front of money? your work? your to-do list or your calendar? your productivity? in front of what others expect or want from you?
  • Do you give yourself permission to just Be, without always needing to ‘do’ something?

These are the questions I often ask myself and for which I joyfully anticipate the answers to come… which will lead me to other questions… endlessly ;o)

These questions support me and help me to clarify many things, and to take new Decisions, after making new choices more aligned on my values.

Ask yourself these questions and you will experience more freedom and abundance, both inside and outside ;o)

Be Joy and Abundance,

Marcelle della Faille

P.S. Got a friend or colleague wanting to make more money while respecting their values? Let them know they can grab a free chapter of my book Make Peace with Money here (they’ll love you for it!).

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