My clients often tell me that they are overwhelmed and cannot do ‘everything’ they need to do anymore.

Have you noticed the widespread ‘burn-out’ that society in general is experiencing, in all areas, and at all ages?

What if we started the year with a feeling of UNLIMITED TIME? Wouldn’t it feel better to you?

Here’s how to proceed:

When you’ve got the feeling that you’re running out of time, here are two questions you can ask yourself to get some form of relief:

What needs to be done today? (not what do I need to do ;o)

• How can I make this easier? (yes, you and the Universal magic can help you find that easyness)

Of course, you write down the answers, AND YOU ACT ON THEM!

Even if your mind tells you ‘I can’t’ or ‘Don’t dream too much’, just do what is written on your paper. The Universe is on your side.

Here is another question that soothes me, and it takes courage to trust the answer:

What do I feel inspired to do today?

If you start your day by doing what inspires you on your long “to do list,” I guarantee it will be better for all the parties involved. The things to do will be done, with the BEST version of yourself. And that’s where the Magic lies. You’ll be BETTERING YOUR BEST all the time.

It’s the same for your ‘to be list’: to be happy, creative, focused or peaceful.

You regularly want to remember your qualities of abundance, those that allow you to be who you are as the BEST version of yourself.

So, tell yourself – in the morning, and in the evening before falling asleep:

I am strong.
I am beautiful.
I am enough.

These are powerful affirmations – to which you could also add words like brave, creative, powerful and worthy – just to name a few.

Whether you “need” the reminder today or not, I encourage you to say these three sentences OUT LOUD right now!

You can even create a simple signboard with them, that you can hang above your desk or beside your bed or on the bathroom mirror.

Feeling the TRUTH of each of these phrases – in your being and not just in your head – is the basis of your access to and experience of all the Abundance you desire in your life.

No matter where you are right now, no matter your financial situation or the state of your life, you are enough!


Repeat this OUT LOUD too.

It’s an easy step to do and to be, towards your Abundance of time …

I celebrate your ease!

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Marcelle della Faille

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