Have you noticed that, these days, money is one of the best catalysts for personal development?

I will say this time and again: today’s society finds itself at a key moment in its evolution and in the expansion of its beliefs regarding the abundance that is available to us.

Money is a beautiful medium for personal development. In fact, money can be a powerful Force for generating Blessings.

We often point to it as the source of all our troubles, while it allows us to evolve beautifully on a personal level.

I remember reading a sentence by Bob Proctor, who explained that it is not receiving or reaching one million that is important, but the person you become during the process. It is not having the cash on hand that counts. Bob Proctor said that once you become a millionaire you can give this million to others, because what is important is not the million but the person that you have become thanks to this intention and the process of creating it.

What we want is more than simply creating money in our business or in our lives.

When you understand the concept of the creation of wealth, you hold the keys to abundance, and you can generate money regardless of the economic situation. This means that you can connect to the powerful and divine being in you thanks to this process that makes you launch your desire, then feel it in your cells, and then release the frustration or attachment to suffering due to your focus on the absence of what you want, and then finally release the story, the personal implications and the inner dialogue, by changing your thoughts. This complete process allows you to hold the keys to abundance and be in command of the creation of your prosperity and your abundance in your life.

Money is an expansion tool for your vibration. Understanding it will help you let go of the fear, perhaps the guilt or anxiety, over your current financial situation, which is merely a story that your thoughts continue to tell you.

The essential shift in paradigm you need to put into place as from today, and one which I support in today’s society to help us switch to more abundance, is simply that mastering money and abundance is a wonderful journey. It is an amazing process of development and personal enlightenment. You become the best and superior version of yourself, thanks to a process of creation and manifestation of money and wealth in your life.

There is a spiritual approach in money. I have noticed that many healers, coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs feel at conflict with the idea of generating a lot of money through their business, because they have the belief that they do not do what they do ‘for the money’. They ‘just’ want to help others, to serve others and make a contribution to the world. It is admirable in a sense, and yet on the other hand it is a notion that does not help them and does not bring anything to them. There is a form of irony in this situation.

You must have noticed that you cannot help nor have an effect on many people when you’re poor and you don’t have a lot of money. On the other hand, you have the possibility of helping and having an impact on lots of people, and of creating many more benefits for the world, when you have money. That is why the more you earn money, the more you attract it, and the more you can help others, serve them and thus achieve your soul purpose.

From now on, let your prosperity and your wealth be based on the amount of benefits you bring to the world. It is not better nor more spiritual to be poor, because money is necessary for us to accomplish our work and our Soul purpose. A steady stream is available as we increase our ability to attract abundance thanks to our spiritual development. This allows us to express our gifts and offer them to the world.

And for us, spiritual entrepreneurs, it is clear that money is not the end justifying the means. It is a vehicle that allows us to achieve the desires of our soul and our mission in life.

It is therefore important to acknowledge that money is also part of your spiritual purpose and your mission in this world. It allows you to achieve your full potential and your ultimate goal. As many of us have a great mission to complete, money is the tool that will help us accomplish this important work in the world and help others to transform their lives.

I suggest that you anchor deep down in your cells the idea that you can be spiritual and rich at the same time, and that the Divine Source wants you to be able to own and obtain everything you want. There are no limits to Source and the Universe. Anchor this notion deep down inside you.

Here is a sentence or affirmation that I encourage you to repeat throughout the coming weeks, which will help you feel financially free from now on:

I love myself and I respect myself enough
to live a financially prosperous and responsible life.

You can adapt it according to your sensitivity.

Take the time to live your life with a totally different energy regarding money, your mission on earth, and what you have come to bring to the world today. In this way, you will offer yourself an increasing feeling of Total Freedom!

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