The answer is simple:

There is no work, business or method that cannot be improved by your thought.

Here is a process that will increase your success:

  • Give generous attention to your thoughts when you are working. Think, every minute you ‘work’ in your job or business : “Is there a way for me to do this more easily, faster and better?”
  • In your free time, read everything that relates to your job, or the job you hope to have one day – your dream job / business.
  • Look around YOU now:* How can you give more value in exchange for what you receive?
    * How can you SERVE better?
    * How can you make more money for yourself or for your employer, or save more for your clients?
    Keep this thought in the foreground of your mind and you will never have to worry about earning more!

I like to imagine that Source has given us all a blank check on which we can write the amount WE want to see granted to us.

And to be able to use this blank check, it is important to know what ‘value’ you are going to give in exchange. You need to have an idea, service or product to offer before you can complete this blank check. The bigger the idea, the more global the service, the more the merchandise is desired, and the greater the amount you can fill in our blank check.

Indeed, we receive what we give. AND I have noticed that we usually receive a lot more than what we give ;o)

If I give my employer more than she expects of me, she will give me an increase. That is for sure. She must give it to me or lose me, because if she does not ‘appreciate’ me, someone else will.

Similarly, if I help a colleague, it will come back to me tenfold. What I give him, I give it to the company, and the company will value it.

Life offers us a blank check, signed by the Creator Himself, Who lets you complete the amount and kind of payment you want!

You will get mediocre success if you obey this law to a small extent – if you fulfill the check with a small amount – and if you do not take into account your big vision.

What is YOUR BIG VISION for 2017?

Practice this Law of ‘appreciation’, and it will prove itself for you.

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in your life and your business?

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