Today, I want to ask you a question ;o)

What is your INTENTION or your deliberate RESULT in your business for this month?

You could answer…

Earn more money ;o)

Contact more customers…

Sign more contracts…

Have better relationships with my colleagues…

Not only are these very vague intentions (how much «more» money do you want?)
Or how much «more» clients do you want?
But it focuses also on DOING… which indicates that you are operating from paradigm of lack: “Do-Have-Be”.

You think that you have to DO things (like contact more clients), to HAVE the results you wish, in order TO BE abundant.

Not only is this approach rooted in lack, but it is also the LONGEST route to take.

So, which RESULT would you like to HAVE in your business this month?

It’s on that result that you want to focus.

At first, you could think that it is about the same answer : «I want TO HAVE more contacts or HAVE more contracts signed ».

But, it is important to dig a little more…

You want to aks yourself « What is it that I want TO HAVE, that makes me think that I need to contact more clients or sign more contracts?”

Your answer to that question is your REAL intention – and it will probably be very simple.

As we are speaking about your business, there are some chances that the thing you want involves money.

For instance your intention might be…

Have an additional income of $500 or more for the 31rd, or have a monthly income of $7,500 or more for the 31rd, or have a monthly profit after taxes of $1,000 or more for the 31rd. Have an increase of $2,000 sales or more for the 31rd.

You want to focus your INTENTION on what you want to HAVE … rather than on what you think you have TO DO.
And this intention has to be clear and specific, with no limits to it.

Thanks to the clarity of this intention concerning what you want TO HAVE, you could attract and /or choose powerfully the ACTIONS which best support your intention.

And your focus on what you intend to HAVE will maintain you opened, and will help you see and attract new possibilities and / or more efficient opportunities.

This is possible, only if you remember at any time to focus on what you intended TO HAVE (your result), and to let your actions spring from it (by inspiration).

You will be stunned by the difference you will feel – in your energy, in your action AND in your ATTRACTION power.

And why not dig even deeper…

=> Ask yourself “Who do I want to BE, to HAVE an additional income of $500 or an additional monthly income of $7,500 or more, for the 31rd?”.

In this case, your answer will establish the BIG INTENTION of your soul, and it will indicate the essential value that you want to match (very probably ABUNDANCE and WELL-BEING)

But, that’s another story ;o)

So, what is your INTENTION and your FOCUS for this month?


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