happiness at workMany of us consider joy as a pleasant result of being able to do the work we love. This certainly gives us great joy to work.

The ideal, however, is to bring joy in everything you do. This can turn what is banal into something significant, and release an incredible energy into everything you give your attention to.

How do you do that? Through your creativity.

Feeling creative and fun helps us get through the resistance, fear, boredom and disbelief on our way, in order to reach a deep level of satisfaction.

This week, I invite you to test your joy quotient by answering this questionnaire.

(True / False)

1. Creativity belongs not only to artists living in their studios. I often exercise my creativity in my work.

2. I see myself as someone who not only wants what she wants, but as someone who gets it. It’s just a matter of opening myself up to the ‘how’.

3. I have notebooks in various places, to be able to scribble my ideas and inspirations, and I have my laptop at hand in order to record my observations.

4. No matter that I consider myself not very creative, too rational and logical and not much impulsive, if I have a pressing idea or a deep desire, I express it.

5. My family, my business, my community, my world all benefit from the use of my innate creativity.

6. Feeling vulnerable and insecure is part of the creative process. To get me through these times, I call those who support my project, and not those who might discourage my efforts.

7. I transform my boredom when I need it, by doing everyday something differently.

8. I encourage laughter in my department using means as a humorous display panel, a box of fun props, and breaks ‘just for laughing’.

9. I calm my mind regularly, and when I do this, ideas and creative inspirations often seem to appear out of nowhere.

10. I watch my world – the streets of my city or paths in nature – to find creative inspiration and source of joy.

11. I expect unexpected twists of fate, chance encounters and weird solutions.

12. I develop the habit of regularly connecting myself to my desires, and I’m not afraid to want too much. But rather than just wish for my personal success, I associate my wishes to the way they serve others.

13. I use affirmations – positive statements in the present tense, and repeated often – to maintain my high level of joy.

14. I am used to do one thing that scares me every day.

15. I laugh at myself frequently.

If you answered mostly “false” than “true,” you have somewhat clogged your joy channel.

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