rules Each of us has rules that she thinks she has to live by. These rules can sometimes be so entrenched in us that they seem immutable. Others vary slightly. We often do the same things in the same order when we wake up. We reproduce the same gestures before going to bed. Or we use only certain words.

Following rules also relates to money. Consciously or unconsciously, you have set your own rules regarding money and expenses.

You might recognize yourself in one of these examples of very common rules :

  • I should not spend money for something that I love if I have no money available
  • I do not buy anything to eat or drink at a concert because it is too expensive
  • I feel guilty when I indulge in some skin care in a beauty center, or in some meal at a gourmet restaurant as I feel I’m wasting money
  • I can not stand to have debts; I am ashamed to buy on credit in order to offer me something I like.
  • I never buy anything at full price. I wait for the sales to make me happy.

Your education has created a large part of these rules that you have continued to implement and to maintain, without noticing that they still govern your life today.

While some have a positive effect on your life, others restrict you and hinder you, making you feel unnecessarily guilty and futile.

To attract money and abundance into your life, you want to take control of these self-imposed rules. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1 : Locate your “restrictive” rules

In order to do this, take the time to answer the questions below. Answer them spontaneously, without over-thinking or over-analyzing them. Without censoring you nor judge yourself either.

• What rules have I created regarding …

  • how I save my money
  • how I spend my money
  • how I think about money
  • how I make money

I remember doing this exercise several years ago and I discovered many rules that no longer worked for me. For example, I felt guilty when I was taking a break because my work never seemed to be finished. Being very creative, new ideas come to me all the time.

Once I finally accepted that it was necessary for me to have a break, no matter how much I have progressed in my work, my professional life got lighter.

Step 2 : Set up your new rules

Now that you have discovered the conscious and unconscious rules guiding your life, you want to sort them out and get rid of those that limit you, in order to create your own rules.

It’s very simple. Identify the rules contrary to the ones you’ve just suppressed. My opposite rule was: having a break rejuvenates me and is beneficial for my creativity.

What are yours ? Take a moment to write down your ideas, and get inspired to create a new money rule.

I suggest you write this new uplifting rule on a sheet of paper that you put in a place where you’ll see it often: the mirror in your bathroom, the door of your fridge … Read it every day for 90 days, and then do the same for another rule.

You will be amazed at the changes that will occur in your life!

May Love and Money Be With You!

~ Marcelle della Faille


You may, as long as you include this complete text with it: Marcelle della Faille is an Author and a Life and Business Trainer and Coach who help trainers, speakers and coaches to transform their passion(s) into a profitable and joyful activity, doubling (and even tripling) their profits by reconnecting to the alchemy of love and money! Do you want to create more abundance in your life and your business? Marcelle will send you a chapter of her book ‘Make peace with money’ for free! You’ll discover the secret that will allow you to receive abundance and money easily, the answer to the question “Can we love money?” and how to respect money.

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