Have you ever discovered money that appeared on your bank account from an unknown source?

I have.

And many of my DLMA clients and of my high end Leader of Light program as well.

The first reaction is of course:

Wow ! How lucky am I!

But, very quickly the mind intervenes:

Yes, but it will not stay. The bank – or the account at the origin of the payment, will notice it and it will be withdrawn.

And your wonder (your awakening to the marvel of life) collapses.

What if you could maintain the FAITH that this money is yours?

What if you could decide that ‘everything that happens’ in your life experience is perfect?

And what if you could believe that miracles are possible?

Yes, but…

The idea that this money exists for our comfort, no matter how it got to us, is absurd according to our beliefs and our financial “experiences”.

It is therefore important to create the mental and emotional environment that will allow it.

Yes, things can be like ‘I’ want them to be!

Yes, I can create money that “appears” unexpectedly in my bank account and that stays there.

It’s a simple change of thought AND action.

Here is a little trick …

Just allow you to claim OUT LOUD (several times a day) …

“I accept this as my new truth.”

This is a powerful statement for all of us because we thus recognize all the ways that we have made things (administrative, financial, professional) stressful and difficult because of our own expectations and /or the one of others around us.

You want to declare what you want as Your Truth.

Yes, I create money that “appears” unexpectedly in my bank account and stays there.

It’s your new plan for a simple and comfortable life.

So, when you notice that you’re stressed by a false belief about money, before you do anything, ask yourself two questions:

  • Is it something that I want to believe because it brings me joy or peace?
  • If “yes”, then what is the simplest and easiest way for me to act?

Then act accordingly – in the simplest and easiest way possible.

And when “judgments” appear because you are doing something totally new or which goes against your old model of thought or belief, remember to say OUT LOUD:

“I accept this as my new truth.”

It’s your turn, now.

What do you decide to accept as Your new Truth regarding money?

Write it down and repeat it loudly every day!

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