Paper money has no worth in itself. Coins, nor notes have value in themselves. It’s gold that has worth – that worth being based on a consensus among human beings.

My youngest daughter saw this at school this year. In two words, once human beings settled – they were no longer nomads and no longer migrated seasonally to find food through following game of some sorts – they had to find ways to get to eat at any time of the year where they had decided to stop. So they developed crops, livestock and bartering. In order to facilitate exchanges when again they became more mobile thanks to transportation and the development of the industries – they traveled more, and over long distances – bartering gave way to notes and coins. History is exciting because we have come to question the importance and value of money and the current exchange system.

Today, it is difficult to understand how the valuation of a euro or dollar works. Highly complex systems have been implemented, and the questions we ask in relation to ourselves – not necessarily about money are:

– How much worth is my talent?

– How much worth is the service I offer?

– And how much can I ask in exchange for the time and energy that I offer?

I often hear these questions from the mouth of artists, coaches, consultants and anyone offering products or services.

I invite you to consider the question differently and not to consider your value in this way. Instead, decide what YOU want to receive, and place yourself in receiving mode for let it in. The abovementioned questions are asked by people who operate mostly mentally, and who analyze, calculate or compare people and situations. Often the person will see what does the ‘competition’ – or their colleagues, while law of attraction abolishes any notion of competition, to only sustain the concept of co- creation – and then only, that person determines her fees or price.

Instead, you want to tell yourself:

Here is what I want to receive. I place myself in receiving mode for this amount that resonates correctly for my self-esteem, and I receive it”.

In doing so, you stand above markets and rules that have been decided over the years in this society. This gives you enormous freedom. This gives you enormous power because you do not depend on the limitations and beliefs conveyed by society.

You no longer wonder how to ‘penetrate’ the market. You consider your Essence – who you are as a Great coach, a Great entrepreneur, and in your sense of worth, you are inspired the amount you wish to receive for a given product or service. You can start ​​from the basis of the expenses you incur to create the product, or to go out and meet a client for example. But the value and transformation you offer to your customers or patients are of an entirely different order, a lot more spiritual.

=> Be inspired to get that value amount, rather than stay at a mental level, and only calculate, analyze and study the market.

=> Make a spiritual study and not a limited study of the market.

=> And ask the Universal Agents to inspire you what you want to receive, if you still feel puzzled.

If ever money lost its worth, you will always be able to stay connected to your inner self-worth, which is THE UNIQUE KEY to the manifestation of your desires!

Are you ready to let go of control and get inspired to listen to your own value?


~ Marcelle


You may, as long as you include this complete text with it: Marcelle della Faille is an Author and a Life and Business Trainer and Coach who help trainers, speakers and coaches to transform their passion(s) into a profitable and joyful activity, doubling (and even tripling) their profits by reconnecting to the alchemy of love and money! Grab her FREE gift “Boost Your Attraction Power: 12 Love and Money Alchemy Principles to Thrive in Your Business!” here:

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