perception of abundanceWe all know that any negative emotion repels abundance away from us.

Any negative emotion is a message from our Higher Self indicating that what we’re thinking at that moment is creating what we do not want.

Emotion is our “Guidance System”: if we feel good, we create what we want.

When we pay our bills, we have 2 columns in mind:
– When the money comes in, we add it.-
– When the money comes out, we subtract it.

We estimate our money in this way, and in doing so, we create a form of resistance in our vibration and are pushing the dollars away from us.

In reality, there is no end to the incoming flow of Abundance. This flow is like water … it always flows into our lives.

My advice: only think thoughts that make you feel good when you pay your bills or are considering money, and you will be loaded with Abundance.

Your life will unfold as a wonderful adventure. Abundance, dollars, harmonious relationships, health and everything you desire will appear in your life experience in such an incredible, beautiful and joyful way.
=> Start every day telling yourself: “Good things happen to me. No matter what happens, the best route is always indicated to me. I’ll always get the answers I need to make the happiest choice for me.”

If you are wondering “How to work less and earn more?”, your question reveals a sense of connection between work and Abundance. However, we do not want to specify “how” we get what we want.

Our words literally create what we get.

When we say we want our work to be more profitable, we limit our ability to receive Abundance. We must use other words and TRUST THE UNIVERSE.

When we think we should do something to bring about a desired objective, we focus on what we DO, rather than on what we want to BE. Instead of letting Law of Attraction and the Universe work for us, we try to do the work by ourselves.

The vibration that the Universe hears and to which it responds, is:

“I am a good person, I want to play my part, I want to contribute to society in an honest way and I want to be rewarded for it.”

This vibration is initiated by the person connecting work to money.

Ask yourself this question to get free from that limiting ‘cause and effect’ link:
How can I express my desire for Abundance without linking it to any work?
Please share your insights and new formulated desires on the blog. Let’s create a healthier and free way of launching our desires into the Universe!


You may, as long as you include this complete text with it: Marcelle della Faille is an Author and a Life and Business Trainer and Coach who help trainers, speakers and coaches to transform their passion(s) into a profitable and joyful activity, doubling (and even tripling) their profits by reconnecting to the alchemy of love and money! Do you want to create more abundance in your life and your business? Marcelle will send you a chapter of her book ‘Make peace with money’ for free! You’ll discover the secret that will allow you to receive abundance and money easily, the answer to the question “Can we love money?” and how to respect money.

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