Where is the money ? is the question many people are asking me these days.

My answer is – at all times:

Money is everywhere, and accessible to everyone.

A much more powerful question for you would be to ask Where is MY money?

Because Yes, YOU are the one who creates YOUR own money.

Through your intention + your focus + the use of your skills and qualities.

And if you multiply all that by the Love that you feel for yourself and others, you have a winning recipe.

The being and doing are to be balanced specifically, and you know that ‘Being’ is much more productive than ‘Doing’ in any endeavour.

A person from my Financial Abundance Training recently shared this on the participants secret forum:

Where is my money ? It’s as if I do not see where is my new easy channel, today’s form to manifest financial abundance. Like everything I’m looking for, it’s often right before my eyes. This question has been there for [so long]! … … I write it down and, as Marcelle says, the answer is in the question. Would it be by publishing (my own) way of healing?

I have this intuition or deep belief that there is an easy channel for everyone, and that I do not see mine! It seems that I do not know it yet …!

Here is a short story to illustrate my answer.

A high-level client shares with me her difficulty in making money.

She has been a business trainer for years and wants to move on to keep her freedom. Being in serious financial difficulties though, she reactivates her former network (huge) and immediately gets booked for 3 ‘live’ VIP days  at $3,000 each, plus a team coaching pack at $15,000, etc. while still wondering how to make money on the internet because she wants more passive income.

Where is the (easy) money for her, HERE AND NOW according to you?

On the Internet or ‘live’?

=> The solution is always under our nose … but do we want to see it? ;o)

To see it, it is often enough to accept it as a ‘bridge’ solution between where we are and where we want to be.

This acceptance is the gateway to the acceleration of the desired financial events.

Here are my coaching questions for you :

=> What is the bridge for you here and now?

=> Where does YOUR money come from easily right now?

The money is there … it is right before you … open your hands wide!

>> Please let us know in the comments when and why you’re committed to accept YOUR easy money at this moment ( or on our Facebook page)

I believe in you ; o)


PS: If you want to move forward, ONE STEP AT A TIME, ONE EXERCISE at a time, towards your FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. If you want to increase your INCOME and deploy the MAGIC of business …

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