Sad man looks at his last savings

Have you noticed that when you don’t have money, you don’t have power?

During the writing of my new book on how to tap into the soul of money, I’ve noticed that lots of people victimize themselves in front of money, that they feel it as a dark financial monster in front of them.

And, when you play the victim in front of your financial reality, you’re yielding your power to that awful vision of money, and that vision becomes so true to you. But any truth is only a truth in the eyes of the observer.

So, for example, some years ago, we wanted to buy a house, my husband and I, with that victimized feeling, so we could not reach our goal or our dream.

It’s only when you believe that you have the power, and when you take responsibility for your financial success, that you can reclaim your power and create what you want.

As soon as we stopped seeing ourselves as victims of the market, or of our situation and circumstances, as soon as we decided to get that house no matter what – no matter our situation or circumstances – we saw in a matter of months everything coming together to help us create our dream.

People presented themselves to help us. Banks opened their doors to us. Offers were reduced so that we could really get the house of our dreams. Opportunities appeared and money came in, and we could finally buy our dream house.

Having money is important to feel that you have power, but in order to get money, you need to feel your power first.

You want to be experiencing the infinite power of harmony and creation, so that you settle yourself into the flow of soul currency.

To understand soul currency, you want to redefine your relationship to others and to the world around you.

It’s common for all of us to feel separated from the others. As individuals, we feel like we are separated. And yet, there is a bigger picture, an underlying level of connection that we can train ourselves to perceive.

All good, our individual good is everybody’s good.

And when we feel we are nourished, our fulfillment benefits everybody else.

Our magnificence benefits everybody on this planet, and we want to express this magnificence.

Money helps us do that too.


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