money tabooIn Europe, if you ask someone how much money she earns, she will tell you that it’s personal, that she does not want to talk about it and that, It is none of your business!. She will not necessarily say how much she earns, because money is taboo.

In some families more than others, talking about what you earn is not ok. Why ? Because so many people would feel a kind of jealousy or envy if they knew what the others earn. Therefore, they fear the opinions of others. Money is intimate. On the contrary, other people will be afraid of being ridiculed. So, money is a very personal subject, and wages are even more.

There are so many beliefs around money, that certain people are afraid of not being loved if they have money or more money than someone else, or they may be afraid of being hated if they have too much money.

This is what we see in today’s society, with the widening gap between rich and poor (both are generalizing labels, which mean nothing in themselves). And we can understand how this gap widens if we refer to the law of attraction: someone who conveys an attitude and awareness of poverty lives in a different world than the one who feeds an attitude and awareness of wealth, or even more, great wealth. Their frequencies are so far from each other that they cannot live in the same world. It is not possible.

That’s why our relationship with money, and even talking about money, is so difficult in our societies. This has nothing to do with money itself. It is the subject of money that is the problem. Indeed, everyone wants to have money. So money is not the problem. And talking about it is indeed.

Everyone wants to succeed professionally and financially. However, some do not necessarily speak of how they attract money, nor of the amount attracted. It is not common to hear about these things – maybe a little more in the United States, or in some successful environments, as in the world of network marketing, or direct sales, because in those realms it’s important to get a contract for six, seven or eight figures, for example. The context encourages sales representatives to exceed their goals. But in the world in general, talking about money is taboo.

We can connect this to the past, when many peasant families were earning money ‘by the sweat of their brow’. And when money was still in cash, traded as coins. Money was kept at home, so the less people spoke about their money, the less they had a chance of being robbed or of triggering some form of envy and jealousy in their neighbors.

There are so many reasons why money has become taboo. In those times, our culture and religious attitude was strongly directed to the poor. The Church praised the poor, and poverty. If you wanted to be considered a good person, you had to be poor. If you had too much wealth, you were considered evil. And this is still the case today, because our societies are very strongly influenced by the Judeo-Christian culture which made people feel guilt from wealth (even though the Church was very rich).

There are so many beliefs and fear and guilt about money, and about the amount of money you earn, but also around financial discussions.

Fortunately, new generations are changing this operating mode. And that’s a good thing.

‘Complex around money and individual success’ is how we could call it. And we, the Internet Entrepreneurs, or even the local entrepreneurs, we will win greatly by being transparent in front of our desire to succeed, and most importantly, in front of what we want to earn.

  • My coaching question for you: Where do you feel guilty about your wealth or your abundance?
  • What do you decide to Be and Do today to transform that guilt into a more empowered feeling?



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