actor directorYour life experience is like a play.

Except that you are both the actor and the director of each situation.

As a director, you have the ability to ask your actors to enter or exit the stage. Therefore, you also have the ability to ask your props – such as money – to enter or exit your stage.

When money exits your stage, you can always ask it to get out of backstage and come back on your stage. And when money comes in, you can gently see it exit. Because, like the air you breathe, there will always be more to come.

That does not mean you do not have to spare it anymore – you know what is good for you, and having a sum of money, however small, on a bank account or in an envelope, creates an attraction vortex. What matters is how you feel and how you vibrate when you think of the money that is on this bank account and how you feel when you think of spending it.

Your experiences of lack do not indicate a lack of abundance, but the fact that you do not allow abundance to come into your life. This is another way to interpret the lack of money in any situation.

If you continue to tell stories of lack – that you think are real, since you actually experience the evidence that there is not enough money – facts smother your desire for abundance. This creates a kind of contradiction in your vibration. And you do not want to vibrate contradiction because in this case, you will experience continual ‘financial rollercoasters’.

You cannot focus on what you do not want and get what you want.
This is not possible, as what you focus on, you recreate it.

=> If you want to get different results, start telling a different story from the one you have re-created so far,

What about telling this well-being story instead ?

“I want to feel good. I want to feel productive and growing. My thoughts create the basis of what I consider good for me, including money, my comfort and joy, health and harmonious people around me that stimulate me, uplift me and love me.’’

Tell a new story and add all the details of the positive aspects that match your desires.

Have fun doing this. Fill in pages, or paint pictures that represent what you want to attract into this new story – or the new scenario you write as a director – and then embellish your positive anticipation by speculating on examples of well-being. Your mind is already speculating easily on examples of ill-being. It easily imagines the worst.

This week, I invite you to speculate about your well-being, playing the game of “what if…” or “wouldn’t it be so nice if…”.

For example: “Only good things come to me. Although I do not have all the answers, and although I do not know all the steps, and even if I cannot identify all the doors that will open before me, I know that, with time, this will become clearer for me. I know I will be able to understand all this.”

That’s what you want to feel every time you tell or imagine your new story of wellness.

Imagine it, create it, refine it and you will feel better.

And of course, the details of your life will change and match what you want because “the better it is, the better it is.”


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