A customer recently sent me this message:

I am currently in restricted mode with a lumbago. Nothing is going well anymore.

My wife tells me that it’s because I do not allow myself to succeed as an freelance… As soon as I have more contracts, I can no longer manage my stress and the negative spiral is triggered. Less work and less money …

Have you ever been there as an independent translator?

I am full of gratitude for your gifts and these nuggets.

Here is my answer:

Yes, I know that. In 2011, just after our expatriation to France, I created a lumbago. It is true that I had been launching on the same day a new training for Entrepreneurs, and in hindsight, some part of me had a hard time seeing herself as a business coach and trainer. Since then, I have accepted the idea and became a great Business Coach & Trainer!

Do you have the belief that ‘no contracts = no money / success’?

=> I invite you to create a sentence that installs another program in you.

‘No Contracts / Business / Customers’ moments are ideal for creating through ‘BEing (and not through DOing)
and are often much more powerful and innovative!

Here is a mantra that I love to repeat myself in these moments of stress related to any lack of contracts / business / customers … (ideal also if you want a lifestyle with a lot of free time (to Be) and less to Do:

“I am ready to receive a lot of money from anywhere and from anyone.
I am ready to receive a lot of money easily, quickly and effortlessly by my mere INTENTION.
So be it!”

Do this for 20-30 days and see what’s going on for you:

you could you relax more, receive more inspired ideas and see opportunities you did not see before, ;o)
and even receive money without doing anything!

Have fun!

Marcelle della Faille

P.S. Got a friend or colleague wanting to make more money while respecting their values? Let them know they can grab a free chapter of my book How to Succeed in Business here (they’ll love you for it!).

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