For some time, I have been living a strange and crucial situation for my spiritual progress and evolution.

I’m living a big personal transition, with a move and expatriation again. And if everything is in place in the new country, the sale of the house has been stagnating here since February.

Requests for visits are increasing. Yet, it is as if, even by launching the intention, by visualizing the signed documents, and knowing what the money will help us do, nothing seems to move in this field.

It is true that the house does not need to be sold for us to move. We are already settled elsewhere. But all the same, 99% of the other fields are fluid. Why not this one?

Perhaps you are living the same situation in one area of ​​your life experience.

The idea is to live a different experience as to the money to be received. And not to be attached to a specific desire (like selling the house), but rather to be clear about what you want (the income), and to be open to EVERYTHING that wants to appear.

Often we focus on what we BELIEVE to be the ideal manifestation. And we cut off billions of other possibilities.

When I teach about the Law of Attraction, the first thing we practice is not to be obsessed with THE result, and focus on the FEELING of the result.

Let’s take the following example: my daugther of 14 wants to manifest new friends. Rather than trying to have some specific teenagers become friends with her (which would be manipulating them, and I don’t recommend it), I told her to focus on the feeling she wants to experience within those new relationships with the ideal friends she wants to attract.

And then, to let the Universe take care of bringing her the perfect friends for her.

Because It will bring her much better manifestations than she would have hoped or imagined. THIS or something better.

So, stay focused on what you want to FEEL IN PRESENCE of the result!

I’m going to apply this wisdom even more these days ;o)

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I believe in you ; o)


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